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Top Picks for Swimming Pool Accessories and Floats

Now that warmer weather is finally here, it’s time to start thinking about all the fun activities that take place outdoors, including (you guessed it!) swimming! Being a swimming pool owner means much more than simply making sure there’s water in the ol’ swimming hole every year. It means having a customizable paradise – you just need to outfit it with all the swimming pool gear you like best. Here are some ideas:


SUPER SOFT POOL AND SPA CUSHIONSSay goodbye to hard concrete and snagged swimsuits with our new pool and spa cushions. Made from super soft foam they provide great cushion and they will not flake, crack or peel. They are U.V.- and chemical-resistant so they will last for years. The cushions measure 20” x 15” and they are great at the pool, boat, garden and sporting events. Available in blue and teal. Continue reading

Must-Have Pool Decks

RUGGED RESIN 5’ X 13’ END DECKFor above-ground pool owners, a pool deck is one fantastic way to improve your pool area! Unlike in-ground pools, which usually feature plenty of flat space all around the pool, swimmers in above-ground pools don’t have very many options for entering and exiting the swimming pool.

You can eliminate that problem with the addition of a pool deck! We carry a few safe, strong and easy-to-install pool decks ranging from 5’x5’ to 5’x13’ that can accommodate pools from 48”-56” in depth.

Our pool decks are made of durable, maintenance-free resin sheets that are super strong and U.V.-protected for years of use. The undersides are reinforced with a powder-coated steel bracing to ensure stability for all your swimmers while the non-skid surface provides extra safety. Best of all, our decks are easy to assemble and come with complete instructions. Continue reading

Diving Boards

DURO-BEAM AQUABOARD DIVING BOARDThe diving board, also known as a springboard, is a classic swimming pool fixture. Diving became an Olympic sport in 1904 and many different styles of diving have been invented over the years.  Obviously, with the advent of man-made swimming structures, diving has become easier and safer for all to enjoy, but there is no real way to determine when mankind began to find enjoyment in jumping into bodies of water.

For safety, it is required that diving boards only be installed on swimming pools that are 11.5 feet deep at the point directly below the tip of the diving board. This rules out above ground swimming pools. As always, when swimming, it is of the utmost importance to use as much caution as  possible. Continue reading

Five Health Benefits of Swimming

Five Health Benefits of SwimmingSwimming pools aren’t all fun and games – there are a variety of other reasons to become a pool owner!

5. Improves flexibility. Swimmers of all ages can improve their flexibility with regular swims. This is an especially enjoyable way to exercise for people who suffer from arthritis or stiff joints. Since water is about twelve times denser than air, it is able to support more of your body’s weight, making it easier to be active.

4. Builds muscle tone. On the same note, the increased resistance of water, as compared to air, can help build muscle tone in dedicated swimmers. Resistance exercises are well known as a great way to build muscle tone. So if you’re looking to improve your physique, swimming can actually be more efficient than jogging or other popular exercises. Continue reading

All About Pool Liners

All About Pool LinersAny swimming pool would be nothing without a pool liner. The purpose of a swimming pool liner is to create a waterproof container for you to swim in. Pool liners are often made of vinyl, which can be quite durable; however, in sunny climates like California, vinyl swimming pool liners only last about 7–12 years. You can tell when your pool liner will wear out because you will see cracks that must be patched if you are delaying the inevitable pool liner replacement. This effect is from heat and abundant sunshine.

To protect the swimming pool liner from sharp rocks, vegetation, and other external influences, a layer of padding is usually installed first, often made of foam. You should always be careful about the items you allow inside your pool as well, as punctures or damage to the pool liner will result in leaks.  Continue reading

Pool Steps and Ladders

FINEST WEDDING CAKE STEPFor many swimming enthusiasts, pool steps are the ideal place to relax without leaving the water. Whether your pool is above ground or in ground, the right set of pool steps or ladders pools can make a huge difference, especially for children and elders. Many styles of pool steps are designed specifically to be a comfortable place to sit. This vantage point is perfect for relaxing alone with a good book or a nice glass of wine, for lounging with a friend or two to chat and enjoy beautiful weather together, or for safely supervising young swimmers in both the shallow and deep ends.

Kids and adults agree – a good set of pool steps or strategically placed pool ladders can transform an ordinary pool into a relaxation haven. If your pool is visited often by children, especially in groups, you may want to consider installing multiple pool ladders in the deep end. Make getting in and out of your pool a breeze for everyone! Swimming Pool Outfitters offers a complete selection of pool steps and ladders for all different styles and functions. Continue reading

Compare Your Above Ground Swimming Pool Options

When you make the choice to invest in a swimming pool, sometimes it’s difficult not to be overwhelmed by all the options available! We’ve put together some helpful information that you can use to make a more educated decision. From protective ground pads to pool bodies to equipment that suits your needs, we’ve got everything for your pool installation project and more. We’ve even got all the accessories for enjoying poolside life all summer long!

Belize Above Ground PoolBelize Above Ground Swimming Pools

Available in the following sizes:

Oval Belize Pools (48” tall): 12’x24’, 15’x30’, 18’x33’

Oval Belize Pools (52” tall): 12’X24′, 15’x30’, 18’x33’, 21’X41′

Round Belize Pools (48” tall): 12’, 15’, 18’, 21’, 24’, 27’

Round Belize Pools (52” tall): 12’, 15’, 18’, 21’, 24’, 27’, 30’
Continue reading

Five Relaxing Ways to Beat the Heat

12 1/2" BASIC THERMOMETERHappy first day of summer! We’ve waited all year for the warm weather to return and it’s finally back. However, it’s as important as ever to make sure you’re prepared for the hot temperatures. Swimming Pool Outfitters provides everything you’ll need for a fantastic summer. Here are some great tips we’ve put together for pool season!

Know your enemy. Hot summer days sound great when you’re freezing your feet off in the wintertime, but when they actually arrive, they can be a real drag. Keep an eye on the temperature with our poolside thermometer. The big 12- 1/2″ face has oversized numbers for easy viewing from across the pool, yard, or even inside the house. The hottest days are no time to be doing manual labor around your yard when you could be cooling off in the pool instead! Continue reading

Turn Your Pool Into A Mini Water Park!

Slides are fun for everyone!Classics are classics for a reason. The most standard pool accessories only became popular because they are so enjoyable to use! Here are some suggestions for tried-and-true pool equipment that will result in hours of fun.

Install a pool slide. Slides are a great way to enjoy your pool for swimmers of nearly any age. Although it’s hard to replicate the huge slides at home, a small one is just as easy to enjoy (and you don’t have to worry about buying a ticket or finding a parking spot)! We offer slides meant specifically for in-ground pools as well as slides that are compatible with above-ground pools. Continue reading

Summer Vacation Safety Tips

These guys are geared up for a great time!Schools are finishing up the academic year soon, and kids everywhere will finally regain the freedom that comes along with summer vacation. Unfortunately, most adults don’t enjoy the same luxury. Here are a few pool safety tips to keep in mind this summer!

Prepare for the worst. Always have emergency rescue equipment at your disposal. At the bare minimum, you will definitely want the basics, like a first aid kit and a life ring. Compile a list of phone numbers you might need in an emergency and keep them near the pool area.   Continue reading